With the wide spreading of Covid-19 around the world, Louis Vuitton start manufacturing their face masks with tipical LV icon It's time to beat the virus with these fashion idol. Louis Vuitton is supplying these face masks to VIP customers only, The LV are not selling these masks, they just use them as giveaway to vip customers. That means we can't get their masks from the shop individually.

Available On Perfectboutique

We are now supplying a wide variety of brandname masks like LV, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Fendi etc. You may find them available and could be purchased from us! These masks are made of high-end material, with skin-friendly clothes and could be used multiple times by cleaning again. 

It's important that these masks could reduce the risks from infection of virus, but it can't be used as medical masks. It's civil use only!